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FIRSTOHM is a high reliability MELF resistors, SMD resistors, metal film resistors, surge resistors, wire wound resistors, precision resistors, High voltage resistors, high Power resistors, metal oxide resistor, thin film resistors, fixed resistors manufacturer from Taiwan since 1969. FIRSTOHM is one of the few companies who is able to design thin-film MELF resistors according to customer's requirements with high quality and reliability. We’re specialized in thin-film resistors since 1969, ISO9001/14001 certificated manufacturer. Over 50 years of industry experience for resistors design and manufacturing facility.

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Strong R&D concentrates on new-generation markets | Thin Film Resistor Manufacturer | FIRSTOHM

Team work achievement | More than 50 years of resistor manufacture experience

Team work achievement

Core Competitiveness

Strong R&D concentrates on new-generation markets

When Firstohm was first established in 1969, we had oriented ourselves in the specialization of thick film and thin film resistors. Firstohm acquired substantial resistor manufacturing techniques from Japan in 1974, and further acquired a major resistor factory from SONY in 1982. In 1986, Firstohm acquired an NEC subsidiary Yokohama Electronics for its technology of precision metal film resistors. Afterward, Firstohm successfully developed a chip resistor, a surge resistor. In 1991, Firstohm developed the high-end MELF Resistor(SMD Resistor), which drew a large number of orders from Thomson, a worldwide leader in electronic products. In 1999, Firstohm successfully developed 50KV High Voltage Resistors, which obtained orders from the French car maker Renault. We pioneered many types of resistors in Taiwan, as well as in the world. Firstohm has succeeded in the long-term achievement of R&D and managed our competitive niche in the market.

High Degree of Flexibility and Automation of Production Lines

FIRSTOHM's consistent investment in the best manufacturing equipment has gained a competitive corporate image of quality, reliability, and price by our own know-how in maintenance, modification, and flexible utilization of the equipment.

High Quality

Because of our effort in improving product quality and reliability, Firstohm had been awarded the best performance by Phillips and AT&T. Firstohm also has been awarded the Best Enterprise Award by TEEMA. These honors are also very helpful when we develop a new market.

Besides, we obtained ISO 9001 certification in 1998. Next year, we obtained IECQ certification. In 2000, we pass the evaluation of ISO 14001. This certificate improves our effort in production control and reducing the harm to the environment.

Professional R&D service team

To keep up with the fast change in the market, FIRSTOHM adopts a flat managerial structure to facilitate the pace of decision making. The management team here at FIRSTOHM also has a full understanding of customers’ applications and material science. Thus, resistor technology is manipulated as a state-of-the-art skill at FIRSTOHM and new products can be developed speedily. We have successfully developed some specialty resistors such as Anti-Surge Resistor, Wire Wound Fast Fuse Resistor, Ignition Resistor, High Frequency Terminator Resistor, etc.

Expert in Resistor production and Owner of hundreds Patents

R&D is the core of our growth strategy and we are committed to developing new resistor technology.
Our research engineers have years of experience in resistor production on a daily basis before they join the exploration of new resistor technology. They have outstanding achievements in improving efficiency and precision. Meanwhile, CEO Mr. Lee has a strong background in passive components. He works in this field for about thirty years. He obtains about ninety patent licenses issued by the R.O.C. government.

Full Range of Products

Firstohm offers a one-stop shopping service. That means we can manufacture all kinds of different products to meet our client's demands. On the other hand, we also build JIT (Just In Time) delivery system. That shortens the period of the goods delivery. In this field, Firstohm is in the leading status among our competitors.

Core Competitiveness | Thin Film Resistor Manufacturer | FIRSTOHM

Located in Taiwan since 1969, First resistor & condenser Co. Ltd. has been a manufacturer of MELF resistors manufacturer. Their main thin film MELF resistors include, automotive grade resistors, surface mount resistors, fusible resistors, SMD resistors, chip resistors, fixed resistors and fusible thin film resistors, which are being widely used in industrial applications such as power supply, smart meter, solar inverter, energy storage device, electric vehicle, communication equipment, and medical device.

FIRSTOHM is one of the few companies who is able to design thin-film MELF resistors according to customer's requirements with high quality and reliability. We’re specialized in thin-film resistors since 1969, ISO9001/14001 certificated manufacturer.

FIRSTOHM has been providing customers with high quality carbon film and metal film resistors since 1969, with both advanced technology and 50 years of experience, FIRSTOHM ensures that each customer's demands are met.