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FIRSTOHM is one of the few companies who is able to design thin-film resistors according to customer's requirements with high quality and reliability. We’re specialized in MELF resistors since 1969, ISO9001/14001 certificated manufacturer. full range of resistor components manufacturer


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First resistor & condenser Co. Ltd.

FIRSTOHM - Specialist manufacturer focusing on MELF resistors.


MELF Resistor/Fixed Resistor

As a leading thin film passive component manufacturer in Taiwan, FIRSTOHM produces an extensive range of specialty resistors. These products include MELF Resistor, Anti Surge Resistor, Current Sense Resistor, Precision Resistor, Fusible Resistor, High Frequency Resistor, High Voltage Resistor, High Power Resistor, Wire Wound Resistor and so on.

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Anti-Surge Resistor - Anti-surge resistor, High pulse load resistor

Anti-Surge Resistor

Anti-Surge Resistors are all cylindrical in shape and construction with superior ceramic rods. If compared...

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Precision Resistor - Precision resistors

Precision Resistor

The precision resistors are tight tolerance and low temperature coefficient (T.C.R) if compared with...

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Stability Resistor - Stability resistors

Stability Resistor

After a long time of electric load, the resistance value will not return to its initial value. Thus,...

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High Voltage Resistor - High voltage resistors

High Voltage Resistor

FIRSTOHM High Voltage Resistor is designed to withstand higher working voltage, further than general...

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Current Sense Resistor - Current sense resistors

Current Sense Resistor

For Current Sense Resistor, features a high power rating and low resistance value. Hence, the power dissipation...

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Automotive Grade Resistor - Automotive grade resistors

Automotive Grade Resistor

FIRSTOHM's automotive grade resistors are compliant with AEC-Q200, and verification by international...

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High Power Resistor - High power resistors

High Power Resistor

FIRSTOHM High Power Resistor is made by a superior ceramic core, can dissipate heat efficiently, and is possible...

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Circuit Protection Resistor - Circuit protection resistors

Circuit Protection Resistor

FIRSTOHM Circuit Protection Resistor is a very special design for various applications such as below:...

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Fusible Resistor - Fusible resistors

Fusible Resistor

FIRSTOHM Fusible Resistor is a kind of thin film resistor serving as a current limiter in normal operation....

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Jumper Resistor - Jumper resistors

Jumper Resistor

The Jumper Resistor is also known as a zero-ohm resistor. In fact, it is a kind of special-purpose resistor,...

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High Frequency Resistor - HFT - High Frequency Resistor

High Frequency Resistor - HFT

High Frequency Terminator Resistor (HFT) is SMD enabled structure with MELF 0102/0204/0207/0309 size,...

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Carbon Film MELF Resistor - CM - Carbon Film Resistor, SMD Resistor

Carbon Film MELF Resistor - CM

FIRSTOHM Carbon Film Resistor with cylindrical shape has excellent solderability termination, and it's...

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High-End MELF SMD Resistors Manufacturer - FIRSTOHM

Located in Taiwan since 1969, First resistor & condenser Co. Ltd. is a MELF type resistor manufacturer. ISO9001/14001 certificated, award winning and patented design thin-film resistors, including anti-surge resistor, precision resistor, stability resistor, high voltage resistor, current sense resistor, automotive grade resistor, high power resistor, circuit protection resistor, fusible resistor and so forth.

FIRSTOHM's resistors are being widely used in industry applications, such as power supply, telecom, meter, medical, automotive and lighting. The strong R&D has allowed FIRSTOHM to develop new technology and obtain hundreds of patents, as well as develop specialty resistors, such as high voltage resistor, short circuit protection resistor, dual power resistor, high humidity resistor, etc.

FIRSTOHM has been offering customers high quality MELF resistors since 1969, both with advanced technology and 50 years of experience, FIRSTOHM ensures each customer's demands are met.